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Privacy Policy
Data Privacy Statement

Data privacy is a matter of trust and your trust is important to us. We respect your privacy. Protecting your personal information and the lawful collection, processing and use thereof is therefore important to us. To ensure you feel secure on our website, we strictly comply with the law in processing your personal information and hereby wish to inform you of our data acquisition and data usage.

By agreeing to the following data privacy statement you authorise the host of, Lechicka 15, 02-156 Warsaw to collect, process and use your personal information with due regard to the data privacy laws and the following provisions.

1. Responsible office

The office responsible for collecting, processing and using your personal information within the meaning of the Federal Data Protection Act is Odido Sp. z o.o., Lechicka 15, 02-156 Warsaw.

In the event you wish to object to the your information being collected, processed or used by Odido Sp. z o.o. in accordance with these data privacy terms as a whole or for individual measures, you may submit your objection by e-mail or post to the following contact:

Odido Sp. z o.o.
02-156 Warsaw


2. Collection, processing and use of personal information

2.1 Personal information
Personal information is information on material or personal affairs of a specific or definable individual. These for example include your name, telephone number, address, and any inventory data provided to us at the time of registration and when setting up your customer account. This does not include statistical data, for example collected during your visit to our web shop and not directly linked with you. These are for example statistics on which pages of our shop are particularly popular and how many users visit specific pages of the Odido Sp. z o.o. shop.

2.2 Customer account
Every customer registering accordingly is provided password protected access to his inventory data (customer account) saved by us. Here you can view information on your completed, open and recently shipped orders, and manage your address information, banking information and the newsletter. You agree to keep the personal access information confidential and not disclose it to unauthorised third parties. We assume no liability for the misuse of passwords unless we are responsible for such misuse.

2.3 Collection, processing and use of your personal information
Data privacy is important to us. We therefore strictly comply with the laws of the Federal Data Protection Act during collection, processing and use of your personal information. Your information is collected, saved and processed when contacting us, subscribing to a newsletter, and the entire purchase process, including any subsequent warranty, for service purposes, technical administration and our marketing purposes. Your personal information will only be disclosed to third parties or otherwise transmitted when required for the purposes of processing contracts or billing, or where previously approved by you. During order processing, for example the service providers used by us (e.g. carrier, logistics company, banks) are provided with the necessary information for processing the order and the transaction. The information disclosed in this manner may only be used by our service providers, and only for the purpose of fulfilling your transaction. Any other use of the information is not permitted and will not be carried out by any of the service providers entrusted by us.
Processing your order requires your correct name, address and payment information. We require your e-mail address to confirm receipt of your order and to communicate with you. This is further used for identification purposes (customer login). You will further receive your order and shipping confirmation through your e-mail address. Your personal information will be deleted unless otherwise required by file retention laws and when such deletion has been requested by you, if the information is no longer required for tracking the purposes of fulfilment, or if such saving is illegal.

2.4 Using your information for marketing purposes
In addition to processing your information for the purposes of processing your purchase with Odido Sp. z o.o., we further use your information to communicate with you about your orders, specific products or marketing campaigns, and to recommend specific products or services which may interest you.
You may object to the use of personal information for marketing purposes as a whole or for individual measures at any time without incurring costs other than the costs of transmission in accordance with the base rates. Submission of a notification in text form to the contact specified under Item 1 (e.g. E-Mail, post) will suffice.

2.4.1 Newsletter
Our newsletter is sent using the so-called double opt-in process, i.e. we will only e-mail the newsletter to you after you have expressly confirmed your request to enable the newsletter service. You will then receive an e-mail message, requesting you to click a link contained in the e-mail to confirm you wish to receive our newsletter.
If you later decide you no longer wish to receive the newsletter, you may unsubscribe it at any time without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according to the base rate. Submission of a notification in text form to the contact specified under Item 1 (e.g. E-Mail, post) will suffice. Each newsletter of course also contains an unsubscribe link.

2.4.2 Product recommendations by e-mail
As an Odido Sp. z o.o. customer you will regularly receive product recommendations from us by e- mail. You will receive these product recommendations regardless whether you have subscribed to a newsletter. Using this method we wish to provide you with information on products in our product line which may interest you based on your last purchases with us. We strictly comply with the statutory provisions.
If you no longer wish to receive product recommendations or any other form of marketing information from us, you may object to these at any time without incurring any costs other than the transmission costs according to the base rate. Submission of a notification in text form to the contact specified under Item 1 (e.g. E-Mail, post) will suffice. Each e-mail of course also includes an unsubscribe link.

2.4.3 Personalised marketing
Information received from you aids us in permanently improving your shopping experience and to make it customer-friendly and personal. The information provided by you or automatically generated is used to customise marketing to you and your interests. We use existing information such as e-mail receipts and read confirmations, information on the computer and internet connection, operating system and platform, your order history, your service history, data and time of your visit to the website, products you viewed.
This information will only be used pseudonymised. Analysis and evaluation of such information allows us to improve our website and our internet offer, and send you customised advertising. This means advertising recommending products which may actually be of interest to you. Our goal is to make our advertising more useful and interesting to you. The evaluation and analysis of your pseudonymised information collected helps us to not send random advertising. Rather, we provide you with advertising such as newsletter, product recommendations you may be interested in, by e-mail or direct mailing. In this respect we will for example also compare which of our advertising e-mails are opened to avoid sending you unnecessary e-mails.
I hereby agree to Odido Sp. z o.o. use the information provided by me and additional information saved in conjunction with my customer account, as well as pseudonymised user information in order to present personalised advertising and/or special offers and services to me. If you do not wish to receive personalised advertising, you may object to this as a whole or with respect to specific measures at any time. Submission of a notification in text form to the contact specified under Item 1 (e.g. E-Mail, post) will suffice.

3. Credit check

In order to provide you with the best possible payment options we must protect you and ourselves from misuse. We will therefore transmit the personal information required for a credit check, including your address information, to Bürgel Wirtschaftsinformationen GmbH & Co. KG, Gasstraße 18, 22761 Hamburg, a company which will perform the respective assessment based on a mathematically statistic process. Your address information is also incorporated in computing the probability value. We will use the information on the statistical probability of a payment default received ("Probability value") to make a carefully considered decision on the payment options you will be granted.

You may at any time object to your information being transmitted to Bürgel. A notification in text form (e.g. e-mail, post) will suffice. However, please note in this case you will only have the option to pay in advance.

4. Cookies

Accepting cookies is not a requirement for using our website. However, please note using the shopping basket function and purchasing products requires cookies to be enabled.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on your data storage device which save certain settings and information to exchange information with our system through your browser. There generally are 2 different types of cookies, so-called session cookies, which are deleted once the browser is closed, and temporary/permanent cookies, saved on your data data storage device for extended periods or permanently. This storage helps us to design our website and our offers accordingly for you, making it easier for you to use by for example saving certain entries of yours so they will not need to be continuously repeated.

Which cookies does Odido Sp. z o.o.?

Most of the cookies used by us are automatically deleted from your hard drive at the end of the browser session (end of session) (thus also session cookies). Session cookies are for example required to allow you to use the shopping basket function across several pages. In addition, we also use cookies which remain on your hard drive. During your next visit the system will then automatically detect you have previously visited our site and your preferred entries and settings. These temporary or even permanent cookies (life 1 month to 10 years) are saved to your hard drive and will automatically be deleted after the specified time. Particularly these cookies allow us to make our offer more user-friendly, more efficient and more secure. These files for example allow for information customised to your interests to be displayed to you. The sole purpose of these cookies is to customise our offer to your customer preferences as best possible, making your browsing experience as convenient as possible.

Which information is saved in the cookies?

The cookies used by Odido Sp. z o.o. do not save any personal information. The cookies used by us therefore cannot be associated with a specific person, thus you. When the cookie is activated it is assigned an identification number. At no time can or will your personal information be associated with your personal information. Your name, your IP address or similar information which would allow for the cookies to be associated with you, are never collected. Based on the cookie technology we merely receive pseudonymised information, for example which pages of our shops were visited, the products viewed, etc.

What is onsite targeting?

The Odido Sp. z o.o. website collects information based on cookie technology to optimise our advertising and the entire online offer. This information will not be used to personally identify you, but are solely used for pseudonymous analysis of the website use. Your information will never be combined with the personal information we have saved. This technology allows us to present you with advertising and/or special offers and services with contents based on the information obtained in conjunction with Clickstream analysis (for example advertising aimed at you having only viewed trainers in recent days). Our goal is to make our online offer as appealing as possible to you and to present you with advertising which matches your interests.

Are there third-party cookies?

Odido Sp. z o.o. uses some advertising partners which help us to make the internet offer and the Odido Sp. z o.o. website more interesting for you. When visiting the Odido Sp. z o.o. website, partner company cookies will therefore also be saved to your hard drive. These are temporary/permanent cookies which will automatically be deleted after the specified time. These temporary or even permanent cookies (life 14 days to 10 years) are saved to your hard drive and will automatically be deleted after the specified time. The cookies of our partner companies again contain no personal information. Only pseudonymous data will be collected under a user ID. This is for example information about which products you viewed, whether you made any purchases, which products were searched, etc. Some of our advertising partners also collect information beyond the Odido Sp. z o.o. website on which sites you had visited before or which products you were for example interested in, in order to display advertising to best matches your interests. This pseudonymous information are never combined with your personal information. Their sole purpose is to allow our advertising partners to address you with advertising which may actually be of interest to you.


In doing so our website uses so-called re-targeting technologies. We use these technologies to make the internet offer more interesting to you. This technology allows for internet users who have shown interest in our shop and our products to be referred to websites of our partners through advertising. We believe showing personalised, interest-based advertising is typically more interesting to internet users than advertising without any personal basis. This advertising media is shown on the sites of our partners based on a cookie technology and an analysis of the prior user pattern. This form of advertising is completely anonymous. No personal information is saved, and usage profiles will not be combined with your personal information.

I agree to the use of so-called cookies, thus for my usage data to be collected, saved and used. I further agree for my information to be saved in cookies beyond the end of the browser session and, for example, to be retrieved during my next visit to the website. I may revoke this consent at any time effective for future use by blocking cookies in my browser settings.

How can I prevent cookies from being saved?

You can configure your browser to only accept cookies to be saved with your approval. If you wish to only allow Odido Sp. z o.o. cookies but not cookies of our service providers and partners, please select the setting “Block third party cookies" in your browser.

5. Log files

Any time the Odido Sp. z o.o. site is accessed, usage data is transmitted by the respective internet browser and saved to log files, so-called server logfiles. The datasets saved contain the following information: Fetch date and time, name of the site accessed, IP address, referrer URL (original URL from where you reached the Odido Sp. z o.o. website), the data volume transmitted, as well as product and version information of the browser used.

The IP addresses of the users are deleted or anonymised after ending the use. Anonymisation changes the IP address so details on personal or material affairs can no longer be associated with an identifiable individual, or only with unreasonably great amounts of time, expenses and work.

We evaluate these logfile datasets in anonymised form to further improve our offer and the Odido Sp. z o.o. shop and make it more user-friendly, detect and correct errors more quickly, and to control server capacities. This for example allows for retracing at what time the Odido Sp. z o.o. shop is particularly busy, and to provide the respective data volume to ensure you are able to shop as quickly as possible. Analysis of the log file further allows us to detect and correct any errors in the Odido Sp. z o.o. shop more quickly.

I hereby agree to Odido Sp. z o.o. to evaluate and analyse the information saved in so-called logfiles to optimise the Odido Sp. z o.o. shop and use thereof.

6. Web analysis

We use so-called tracking technologies to continuously improve and optimise our offer.

7. Secure transmission of information

Your personal information transmitted to us is secured through encryption. This applies to your order as well as your customer login. We use the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) coding system. Nobody can guarantee absolute protection. However, we protect our website and other systems from loss, destruction, access, modification or distribution of your information through unauthorised persons through technological and organisational measures.

8. Right to information of persons concerned

Pursuant to the Federal Data Protection Act our customers, among other things, are entitled to obtain information on their information saved free of charge and, if applicable, to information being corrected, blocked or deleted.

We take protecting your information very serious. To ensure personal information is not disclosed to third parties, please direct your request by e-mail or post, clearly identifying yourself, to:

Odido Sp. z o.o.
Lechicka 15
02-156 Warsaw/ Mazowieckie


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